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Adopt, don't Shop

Sterilisations done by
Cacela Dog Haven
Help a "Long Termer"
Please help us......
SAIC Form/Enquiry....
Adoption Count - since November 2019
spray available at the gate for shoes                please help us to protect our puppies!
Adoption Feature..... Adam

This wonderful gentleman is more than ready for his forever home..... if you'd like to offer him a golden basket, please send us a message via our online enquiry form

Adam has regular walks and has successfully attended the training sessions offered to CDH by the Frankie Foundation...... and he's beautiful!  Click here for his story.

"All Black" litter

In April, we rescued 7 little black babies!  They're thriving and six have been reserved/adopted.  Please use the online "enquiry form" to ask us about adopting one of our dogs.  Click here to see their story.

Summer is coming to Portugal.... dogs left in cars? No, no, no!

Click here to read an article posted on the "Safe Communities Portugal" Facebook page about the danger of leaving your best friend unattended in a hot car. 

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 12.32.18.png
"temperatures are expected to reach up to 35C in the centre of the mainland and 32C in several other areas, over the next few days."
Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 12.29.43.png
Meet Tyson.... "The Destroyer"

A few months ago, Ally who is an associate at CDH, decided to adopt Tyson who is the cutest boy with so, so much energy.  Tyson settled well and has clearly decided that he will be ruling the roost in this home!  He unpacks the cupboards to have a taste of whatever is in there and has recently taken apart the dishwasher and eaten most of the food in their freezer - Ally thinks he may have shared the booty with their two other dogs but judging from the size of his belly, he obviously enjoyed himself... oh yes.... he did leave the peas, the brussel sprouts and the potatoes!

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 22.24.31.png
Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 20.58.29.png
Frankie Foundation Donation - Friday, 29 April

Training has been postponed now until summer is over, but the Frankie Foundation continue to be CDH's staunch supporters.  Today, they delivered another drop of specialised puppy food which has those additional nutrients so necessary to ensure that our little ones achieve optimum health.  Please contact us through the enquiry form if you're keen to adopt one of these beauties!

Guardian Article - Friday, 29 April

It seems that research on doggy behaviour indicates that the breed of a dog has little to do with the level of aggression.  Interesting!  Please click here to read more.  So.... another middle finger up to those who so cruelly condemn what is thought to be behaviour due to the breed!

A lively bunch! - Friday, 29 April

These are the puppies that are pretty much ready for adoption.  Please use the enquiry form on our website or give Sharron a call on 926 767 544 if you'd like to reserve one of these gorgeous pups.  Names have not been withheld due to any criminal activity on their part... in the melee, it's just hard to identify them!  Sharron and Ally know who they are!  Click here for more photos.

Off to Holland - Friday, 22 April

Today, we said goodbye to 11 of our wonderful residents.  They're healthy, happy and we're going to miss them, but they're off to Holland to our partners there who'll hand them over to their forever families and keep a watchful eye on their progress. Click here to see the farewell images.

Beautiful Puppies - Sunday, 17 April

We've been joined by two absolutely gorgeous Alentejo puppies that the Vet declared were probably pure bred.  Another pair found near Ayamonte in Spain and abandoned.  They're called Ziggy and Zane and are in quarantine at the moment!

CDH Quiz - Tuesday, 12 April

Despite a bit of rain, the sun poked it's nose out after lunch and sitting outside at Charette's was quite pleasant.  Again, we had great fun with lots of laughing... as it should be!  Please click here to see photos.  Sharon reported with thanks to all our supporters, that we managed to raise €1'081.50.  Of course, it was wonderful to see a few CDH doggies.

Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 15.37.21.png
With sincere thanks to Denis and Family.....

10 April

We'd like to thank Denis for this very generous donation of food for our dogs.  It's only with the help and kindness of our supporters like you that we are able to continue to do the work that we're so passionate about.

Go Orange for April.....

7 April

Worldwide, April is the month for the prevention of cruelty to animals.   Started by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), everyone is encouraged to wear an orange ribbon.  Click here to read more.

Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 19.12.43.png
Our new arrival.....

7 April

We've rescued Olivia.... she's a little beauty, about 12 weeks old but with a leg that was broken sometime ago.  The Vets are having a look to see whether anything can be done.  She's not letting a bad leg get her down though, she still bounces around!  Please click here to read more.  

Zooplus Campaign.....

7 April

We are thrilled to advise that we've received €595.65 from Zooplus as a result of purchases made by our supporters.  We'd like to thank Zooplus and our wonderful supporters.  Please note that this option is no longer in force but the good news is that Zooplus will soon be introducing a new campaign and CDH will surely benefit again. 

Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 21.15.19.png
Volunteering and Fostering....

From time to time, CDH is in need of supporters who are able to foster a dog, usually not for more than a week or two.  Whilst some families may not be able to offer a full time home to any of our rescues, it may transpire that they'd enjoy looking after a pooch for a while.  Sharron will cover the related costs - food, veterinary services, etc.

We are always looking for and welcoming volunteers.  The chores are not back-breaking and volunteers are encouraged to spend time socialising our rescues which is always fun for those who love animals.  Apart from playing with them, volunteers take them out for a walk or a short trip to the village to get them used to strangers and other dogs.  The kettle is always ready for a drink and the biscuits are great!

Please click here to go to our "Contact Us" page and send your details to Sharron. 
Dogs waiting for a forever home....

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.....every dog deserves a loving home