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Adoption Count - since November 2019
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Latest News

CDH Christmas Quiz - Wednesday, 7 December

For the final event of 2022, we'll be holding our Christmas Quiz atthe Hippo Bar at Quinta de Velha again. We're looking forward to seeing you all there..... the entrance fee will cover a lovely glass of bubbly so we can "cheers" to Christmas and 2023!  Please remember to book your table for the quiz only, through Sharron.  Any bookings for the pre-quiz lunch must be done directly with the restaurant.... click here to see the poster. 

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A wonderful donation.....

We've been so fortunate to receive an anonymous donation through our associates in Holland..... an incubator!!  This is going to make such a difference for our future bottle fed litters.


CDH has become known as the "puppy" shelter - with Sharron specialising in the difficult job of bottle feeding every 2-4 hours, right through the night, and providing the other cuddling and care that goes with trying to save these tiny babies.   

"National Day of the Mutt - 23 November - Entries

We've had 36!!!..... please help us to support a worthy charity on the Algarve. Cick here to see the entries.  Send your €5 to and photos to


Remember, this competition closes on 2 December and winners will be announced at our quiz on Tuesday, 7 December... we'd love to see photos of your lovely "Mutts"!  

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"National Day of the Mutt - 2 December" - 1 November

We're hoping that you'll all send your entries for the "Mutt Competition" - closing date 2 December with the winner announced at our quiz on 7 December.  Just pay the €5.00 admission fee through Paypal and send an email with your "Mutt's" photo and name to  At CDH, we are so aware of how charities like ours are struggling financially - you may remember that we raised €75.00 at our last quiz which we sent to Ànimas, a Portuguese service dog organisation working all over Portugal.  All proceeds from this competition will be going to a deserving charity on the Algarve and we're going to get one of our partner Vets to do the judging.  The prize for the winner will be a lovely basked of "doggy goodies".  Please click here to see the poster and all the relevant information.

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CDH Quiz - 5 September

A very successful event... our quiz at the Hippo Bar (Quinta da Velha) was wonderful with around 107 people taking part.  We raised a whopping €2,001.00.

The staff at the Hippo Bar were amazing and the lunch service was undertaken with smiles and care..... thank you all!

Treve and Sharron want to extend sincere thanks to volunteers and supporters.... without your support and kind care, we would not be able to rescue the dogs and puppies that would otherwise continue to suffer horribly.  Thank you!

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Thank you to Erinn......


It was with a humbling feeling of gratitude that CDH accepted this wonderful donation from a special little girl.... Erinn (granddaughter of one of our volunteers, Brenda) has been raising money as she wanted to buy the dogs and puppies some food....... from Sharron.... "Erinn thankyou please do not lose your love for the animals you are the next generation."

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Adam and Ana.... our feature dogs!


These two are such gorgeous dogs!  Still quite young, they were part of the same litter, rescued from Spain.  They have participated in the CDH training sessions organised kindly by the Frankie Foundation and have both done brilliantly.


Please click on the links to read about these lovely pups and see more photos -  Adam's Story and Ana's Story.

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We have our own window, provided kindly by Denis from Amándio Batista Estate Agency (Cabanas de Tavira) where we are able to display the photos and stories of the CDH dogs that are up for sponsorship. We have quite a few long termers waiting for their golden baskets and a few that cannot be adopted due to ongoing medical requirements or previous trauma. 


The costs related to caring for our honoured residents and long termers are understandably, really high and contributions from fundraising activities and our supporters are our only source of income

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Volunteering and Fostering....

From time to time, CDH is in need of supporters who are able to foster a dog, usually not for more than a week or two.  Whilst some families may not be able to offer a full time home to any of our rescues, it may transpire that they'd enjoy looking after a pooch for a while.  Sharron will cover the related costs - food, veterinary services, etc.

We are always looking for and welcoming volunteers.  The chores are not back-breaking and volunteers are encouraged to spend time socialising our rescues which is always fun for those who love animals.  Apart from playing with them, volunteers take them out for a walk or a short trip to the village to get them used to strangers and other dogs.  The kettle is always ready for a drink and the biscuits are great!

If you're keen to volunteer or foster, please click here to go to our "Contact Us" page and send your details to Sharron.

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